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Fourth record on the Robin's nest in the bush next to our house, second time clawing my way up the collapsing mud beneath it to take a pic. Two eggs this afternoon, yay. That would make first egg laid date 5/3. No parents incubating, which means the mother isn't done laying yet. She'll lay at least one more egg. Glad being so close to the house isn't disturbing her. I'm sure she'll be less happy once she starts incubating/feeding babies every time someone walks past.

Love the still-green grass she wove into the nest. Very clean and perfectly round.


Species: American Robin
Location: Bush next to laundry pole, 7' above ground

Nest: Complete
Eggs: 2
Babies: 0
Parents: None at nest
Outcome: ?

Nest Begun: Prior to April 30
First Egg: May 3, 2016
Incubation Begun: ?
Hatch Date: ?
Fledge Date Date: ?

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